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4 signs of scareware

May 17th, 2012 No comments

 “Scareware” is fake anti-virus software (also called “rogue security software”) that cybercriminals trick you into paying for or trick you into downloading along with malicious software. According to the latest Security Intelligence Report from Microsoft, one of the most prevalent forms of scareware is called Win32/FakePAV. Learn how to help prevent Win32/FakePAV from stealing your credit card information.

 Here are some tell-tale signs that could indicate a scareware infection:

  • Your computer runs  much slower than usual
  • When you try to surf the internet to legitimate anti-virus websites, you can’t get to them
  • You see a lot of pop-up windows with false or misleading alerts
  • The anti-virus software you recently downloaded is trying to lure you into upgrading to a paid version of the program

Get more information on how to spot fake virus alerts.

If you think you might have already download scareware, you can run the Microsoft Safety Scanner for free. Also, make sure you use legitimate anti-virus software, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, which is also free.

Microsoft was recently interviewed for a local Seattle news story about scareware. Watch the video