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Don’t click text message spam

May 31st, 2012 No comments

Several readers have contacted us lately about suspicious text messages that they’ve received on their smart phones.

Some of these messages appear to be from Microsoft, Starbucks, Best Buy, or other well-known companies and are designed to trick you into clicking links with lures of free gifts or prizes. If you click these links you could be taken to a malicious website that could automatically download malicious software onto your phone. This could cause damage to your phone or could be used to steal your personal information or remotely control your phone.

Don’t click links in text messages unless you know the sender and are expecting the link.

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Find your lost or stolen Windows Phone

October 20th, 2011 No comments

You probably already know how to help keep your personal information safe on the Internet.  But what about everything that’s stored on your smart phone?

If your Windows Phone is stolen or if you lose it, you can make your phone ring, you can lock it, erase the contents, or show your phone on a map from any Internet-connected computer. This feature can help you recover the phone or at least prevent someone from accessing the personal information on it.

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