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Definition updates: scan on update and update on startup

Hi folks,

There have been some questions about these two areas of definition updates, so I wanted to clarify this a bit.

Whenever FEP does a definition update, a silent rescan of all running processes and loaded modules is performed. If there is malware running that is now detected by the new definitions, that malware is detected within a few seconds of performing the update. There is no action needed on your part after new definitions are downloaded – this silent rescan happens automatically.

Additionally, the FEP client can be configured to check for definition updates automatically on service start. The behavior is the same as described in Checking for definition updates when starting (yes, that particular blog article deals with FCS, but the FEP behavior is the same). The registry key already exists in the FEP ADMX, which you can download as part of the FEP2010grouppolicytools-<locale>.exe here. For full documentation about all the values in the ADMX, see the FEP ADMX Reference.


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