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Get faster, better malware protection

May 25th, 2011 No comments

You’ve probably been in this situation before: either your browser seems to throw up a warning for every link you click, or it doesn’t display any warnings at all.

Internet Explorer 9 provides a more thoughtful warning system for potentially dangerous downloads. The system uses available reputation data to prevent unnecessary warnings for programs with established positive reputations.

The browser displays a warning only when a download carries a higher risk of being malicious.

Here’s what a warning looks like.

Internet Explorer and other web browsers have been offering protection from potentially dangerous URLs for a while, but according to a recent post on the IE blog, Internet Explorer is the only web browser to offer this protection based not just on the URL, but also on the actual download. Jeb Haber, Program Manager for Internet Explorer and author of the post, writes that since the release of Internet Explorer 9, “Users are choosing to delete or not run malware 95% of the time from the new Application Reputation warnings.”

For more information, see Security in Internet Explorer 9.