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Unable to join to TMG EMS Array with error: 0xC0040431

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Consider a scenario where TMG Admin reinstalled TMG Enterprise Edition after a hardware failure and decided to rejoin the array member to the EMS. However, when TMG Admin tried to rejoin it the following error occurred:



The first basic step in this type of scenario is to review the event view, since it can give you some clues about what is going on. Most of TMG events will be found on Application Event log. So, on Event View we found the following error:


Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft Forefront TMG Control
Event ID: 11003
Level: Error

Description: Microsoft Forefront TMG Control encountered a failure. The failure occurred during creation of logging module because the configuration property msFPCLogFileDirectory of key SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Fpc\Storage\EffecTree2\Array-Root\Arrays\{7855C30A-6FAF-44D1-908E-264466A3EAE8}\Logs\Proxy-WSP is not valid. Use the source location 5.846.7.0.9027.400 to report the failure. The error description is: The system cannot find the path specified.

Since we are joining to an EMS all setting including log configuration will be retrieved now from it. So, after checking the Log configuration on EMS for that particular Array where TMG Server was trying to get joined, we found that setting:


The EMS had a configuration for all logs should get stored on volume L:\. We investigates that the target server trying to rejoin did have a volume dedicated for log but it had the letter D: assigned to it. After getting the volume changed to letter L: the joining process worked fine. This change on the drive letter happened while TMG Admin was rebuilding the server after the hardware failure.


This post showed how TMG administrators need to be aware that EMS configuration will try to enforce the settings, in this particular scenario for a logging path that did not exist in the joining array member. It is a good practice to always have the core settings matching in between the EMS and the array members. Additionally document your recovery process making sure that all the requirements are in place to not get surprises down the road.

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