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Transparency & Trust in the Cloud Series: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit

March 17th, 2015 No comments
 Customers at the Transparency & Trust in the Cloud Series event in Detroit

Customers at the Detroit “Transparency & Trust in the Cloud” event.

I had the opportunity to speak at three additional Transparency & Trust in the Cloud events last week in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit. These were the latest in the series that Microsoft is hosting, inviting customers to participate in select cities across the US.

For me personally, these events provide the opportunity to connect with customers in each city and learn which security and privacy challenges are top of mind for them. In addition, I get to hear first-hand, how customers have been using the Cloud to drive their businesses forward, or, if they haven’t yet adopted Cloud services, what’s holding them back. I feel very fortunate as the participating CIOs, their in-house lawyers, CISOs, and IT operations leaders haven’t been shy about sharing the expectations they have for prospective Cloud Providers, specifically around security, privacy, and compliance.

I was joined by other Microsoft Cloud subject matter experts: Microsoft’s Assistant General Counsel, Dennis Garcia, Principal IT Solution Manager, Maya Davis, Director of Audit and Compliance, Gabi Gustaf, and Cloud Architect, Delbert Murphy. This diverse cast helped provide an overview of the Microsoft Trustworthy Cloud Initiative from their unique perspectives and answer a range of technology, business process, and legal questions from attendees.

Here are just some of the types of questions these events garner, most recently in these three cities:

  • How does eDiscovery work in Microsoft’s Cloud? (see related posts)
  • What data loss prevention capabilities does Microsoft offer for Office 365, OneDrive and Microsoft Azure?
  • What data does Microsoft share with customers during incident response investigations?
  • Which audit reports does Microsoft provide to its Cloud customers?
  • What terms does Microsoft include in its Cloud contracts to help customers manage regulatory compliance obligations in EU nations?
  • What does the new ISO 27018 privacy certification that Microsoft has achieved for its four major Cloud solutions provide to Microsoft’s Cloud customers (and Microsoft is the only major Cloud provider to achieve ISO 27018 certification)?

These are great conversations! Thank you to all of the customers that have attended and participated in recent events.

There are still a few more scheduled in different cities across the country. If you are a customer and would like to learn more about the Microsoft approach to building the industry’s most trustworthy Cloud, please reach out to your account team to find out if one of these events is coming to your area.

I’m looking forward to seeing customers in Omaha and Des Moines in just a couple of weeks.