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Safer Internet Day 2015: This year, “Do 1 (More) Thing” to stay safer online

February 10th, 2015 No comments

One year ago today, Microsoft asked people across the globe to #Do1Thing to stay safer and more secure online by taking what may have been a first step toward safeguarding their digital lifestyles. Today, on Safer Internet Day 2015, we want everyone to add to last year’s pledges and #Do1MoreThing to become cyber savvy. In addition, we’re launching new interactive resources for young people on the Microsoft YouthSpark Hub to further encourage safer online habits and practices.

Our goal is to help educate, engage and inspire people to better protect themselves and others online –all rooted firmly in the spirit of the Safer Internet Day 2015 theme: “Let’s create a better Internet together.” The hope is that each person’s one (more) thing will become a long-lasting best practice that will be shared with others and, in turn, lead to an ever-increasing number of safer online behaviors. Research shows that such effects can help create safer online experiences for every individual and a more secure online ecosystem for all.

privacy_IconLast year, some of the most popular “1 Thing” pledges included positive practices such as always using a four-digit PIN (personal identification number) to lock mobile devices; promises to convert to and use “strong” passwords for all devices and accounts and trying to refrain from constant phone-checking and instead “be present” in personal interactions. This year, visitors to the new online safety section of the Microsoft YouthSpark Hub may be further inspired by other online safety tips and ideas as well. One of my favorite parts of the new website is the opening section, designed to pull young people into the site, calling on them to: “Be awesome in real life and online.” From there, youth can explore comic strips, respond to polls and quizzes, and learn interesting facts and figures.

In addition, Microsoft is proud to again help sponsor the official U.S. Safer Internet Day 2015 event being held today in California. Managed by, “Safer Internet Day 2015: Actions & Activism Toward a Better Net and World” is bringing together youth leaders, educators, policymakers, parents, Internet safety experts and representatives from the technology industry to focus not just on problems, but also on solutions for building a safer and better Internet.

When asked about this year’s theme, Larry Magid, co-director of said Safer Internet Day’s “Let’s create a better Internet together” theme “reminds us that online and mobile safety are much more than just the absence of danger, but the presence of positive actions to improve not just the Internet but the world at large. It’s also a recognition that we’re in this together. Everyone— kids, parents, young adults, seniors, corporations, organizations and governments—has a stake and a role to play in making the Internet an even better tool for empowering the world’s citizens.”

Building on its near 20-year history in online safety, Microsoft remains committed to doing its part to help grow and shape a better and safer Internet for youth and, indeed, everyone.

For more information about staying safer and more secure online, I invite you to visit this site.