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FEP data collection job fails periodically

January 24th, 2011 Comments off

We wanted to update you about an issue with FEP that you may have seen in your organization. This is a known issue, and we’ll keep you up to date with developments.


Periodically, the FEP data collection job (FEP_GetNewData_FEPDW_xyz) fails. When the job fails, the FEP Health Management Pack for Operations Manager and the FEP BPA report an error with the FEP datawarehouse job either failing or not running. The failure is in one of the following job steps:

  • Step 6: End raise error section on DW, raise errors that were thrown from DW DB
  • Step 7: ssisFEP_GetErrorsDuringUpload_FEPDW_xyz


This happens because of the following scenario:

  1. The antimalware client is from time to time sending a malformed malware detection data item to the FEP server.
  2. The server tries to process this data item as part of the data collection job (FEP_GetNewData_FEPDW_xyz).
  3. During data item processing, the job sees that this data item is malformed and ignores it.
  4. After processing completes, the data collection job (FEP_GetNewData_FEPDW_xyz) looks to see if any data items were malformed, and if so, it fails the job.


  • Malformed data items are lost (they don’t get processed); all properly-formed data items are processed.
  • You may experience a small performance impact during the data collection job (FEP_GetNewData_FEPDW_xyz) due to the handling of malformed data items.
  • The data collection job (FEP_GetNewData_FEPDW_xyz) appears as failed in the job history.
  • If the SQL Server Monitoring Management Pack is installed on your Operations Manager server, the data collection job (FEP_GetNewData_FEPDW_xyz) appears with an error.
  • If the Forefront Endpoint Protection Server Health Monitoring Management Pack is installed on your Operations Manager server, the FEP deployment appears as critical and an alert is issued.