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Guidance for Internet Explorer vulnerability

On April 26, 2014, Microsoft notified customers of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer. To date, we are aware of limited, targeted attacks and are working on a fix.

UPDATE: Microsoft released a security update for this vulnerability on May 1. For more information, see Available now: Security update for Internet Explorer.

We encourage you to take steps that protect your PC such as enabling a firewall, applying all software updates, and installing antivirus and antispyware software.

In addition:

1. Exercise caution when visiting untrusted websites. Avoid clicking suspicious links or opening email messages from unfamiliar senders, which could send you to a malicious website that delivers malware to your computer.

2. Turn on “Enhanced Protected Mode” in Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Some versions of Internet Explorer have this setting on by default. To turn on Enhanced Protected Mode:

a. Click Tools in the Internet Explorer task bar and then Internet Options.

b. Click on the Advanced tab and then check the box next to Enhanced Protected Mode.

3. Download and install EMET 4.1, a Microsoft security tool, for an additional layer of protection.

As criminals become more sophisticated, it is important to keep current with software that has the latest security protections built in. Modern browsers and operating systems have greater security features than older operating systems.

Note: Microsoft no longer provides security updates for the Windows XP operating system and encourages upgrading to a modern operating system like Windows 8.

To learn more, visit How to boost your malware defense and protect your PC.

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