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Building Trust in the Cloud: The CSO50 Security Confab + Awards

March 9th, 2015 No comments

Recently, I was privileged to attend and present at the 2015 CSO50 Security Confab + Awards in Florida. This event, organized by CSO Magazine, brought together hundreds of Chief Information Security Officers and other executives from many organizations across the US. I had the chance to meet with many of the attendees to discuss their top-of-mind security concerns, particularly when considering adopting cloud services.

The topics we covered varied, with two consistent themes emerging:

  • Does moving to the cloud help an organization’s security profile?, and
  • The notion of eDiscovery fitting into their existing process [eDiscovery, or electronic discovery, is the process used by organizations to find, preserve, analyze, and package electronic content (also referred to as electronically stored information) for a legal request or investigation.]

The “Security Confab” featured a fascinating mix of 30-minute presentations and unique, 18-minute “flash” presentations. This fast-paced approach worked well in helping to keep the audience engaged, and further spurring a range of follow-up conversations afterwards.

As noted, this was also an opportunity to award exemplary organizations and individuals who are making a difference in the industry by helping to improve security and data protection for many of our customers. I would like to congratulate all of the CSO50 Awards Honorees for their contributions. Well done! You can find a list of the Honorees at this website.

CSO50 Presentation

My colleagues and I are continually engaging with organizations in a number of cities across the US through our series, “Transparency & Trust in the Cloud”, where we discuss many of the same issues covered at the CSO50 Confab—read my recent blog on the latest events in Kansas City, St. Louis and Minneapolis.

If you are a CIO, CISO, General Counsel, or operations leader in an enterprise organization and would like to learn more about the Microsoft approach to building the industry’s most trustworthy cloud, please reach out to your account team and inquire.

I’d like to thank those customers who shared their time with me during the CSO50 Security Confab, and look forward to meeting others at future events.

Transparency & Trust in the Cloud Series: Kansas City, St. Louis, Minneapolis

March 5th, 2015 No comments

Over the last few months, Microsoft has hosted a series of events to bring together Chief Information Officers (CIO) and their legal counsels, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), as well as IT operations leaders from enterprises in cities across the US. These “Transparency & Trust in the Cloud” events aim to highlight and discuss the security, privacy, compliance, and transparency capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud services.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to attend and speak at those in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. I was also able speak directly with many enterprise customers in each city. I was joined by other Microsoft cloud subject matter experts, where together, we answered a range of technology, business process, and legal questions that attendees had—and believe me, they had some well-thought, complex questions!

For example, in Kansas City, attendees asked about service level agreements and were provided with the Microsoft perspective by our Assistant General Counsel, Dennis Garcia. In St. Louis, we were asked about Microsoft’s own journey to move workloads and applications from on premise to the cloud. Ryan Reed, from Microsoft IT, has been doing this work at Microsoft for some time, and shared architectural and development considerations with the audience. Enterprise customers in Minneapolis asked questions ranging from eDiscovery to security incident notifications, to the right to audit, to protecting sensitive healthcare information. These discussions are also extremely helpful to us, at Microsoft, to better understand which topics are top of mind for enterprise customers who are evaluating the use of or adopting cloud services.

I would like to again thank those customers who attended these events. Thank-you!

More meetings like these have been scheduled in different cities across the country. If you are a CIO, CISO, legal counsel, or operations leader for an enterprise organization and would like to learn more about the Microsoft approach to building the industry’s most trustworthy cloud, please reach out to your account team to inquire.

I’m looking forward to meeting more customers and having deeper discussions on trust and transparency in the cloud in the coming weeks.